Monday , June 5 2023

Case Pinilla: Blue Blue will pay over 460 million dollars of compensation for the striker for "unfair dismissal"


In the end, it will end with the Chilean University and Mauricio Pinilla teleseries. The Labor Court of San Miguel paid more than 460 million pesetas, in front of Azul AzulIn June, after the outbreak of the storm, he demanded an unfair dismissal.

Review, prescribed by the judge Alondra CastroHe determined the payment "Compensation of $ 147,454,616 to complete the amount of $ 313,341,059 to lose profits."

In his resolution, the jury stated that Azul Azul violated the rights of Mauricio Pinilla and also stated "On the 31st of July, 2018, a verbal event took place at the press conference to avoid the freedom of the complainant's action, even though November 7, 2018, he was still registered as a team player, avoiding the possibility of new contacts with other sports clubs, Unless arrived at the Mexican Atlas.

In addition, the report announced the launch of the press conference players, "The honor of the actor has been influenced by the public domain of his employment relationship, which is otherwise lacking in the formalities provided in article 162 of the Labor Code."

Pinilla and her lawyer, Alejandro Cariz, applied for legal classes to Azul Azul's management and Sports Director, Ronald Reagent, sports coaches and judge of Azul Azul, José Joaquín Laso. In the end, the Court ruled out.

However, The resolution may appeal the concessionaire, in the Court of Justice, so that eventually could be changes.

And what has the court said?

The first gold striker summed up on his twitter, in this regard: "humility comes with justice!" This afternoon he wrote. And Sifup acknowledged his decision for the player.

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