Monday , May 29 2023

Caso Catrillanca: Police Agent Approves Appeal for Preventative Detention | national


The lawyer Alexander Schneider attributed four carabinieri representatives Camilo Catrillanca's homicide, announced that they will even attract preventive resolutions that determine preventive detention unequally.

After a long day of the court, at 8:00 p.m., Sunday, court judge Bermipulo Collipulli Sandra Nahuelcura They decided to put four exuniformes in custody.

"My representatives had been in the police for a long time before arriving in Collipulli, declaring it, and therefore reviewing the whole procedure and previously accepting it"

– Alexander Schneider, a former lawyer charged by Carabineros

Patricio Sepúlveda, Carlos Alarcón and Raúl Ávila will take measures in the Second Police of Temuco, Braulio Valenzuela, in the Fifth Special Forces Police in the Los Alamos police station.

Schneider's lawyer will appeal the decision, although he did not surprise her.

"I am not surprised, according to current media exposure, the seriousness of the event, the death of communion, and everything related to it. hindrance to justice she waits, "said Schneider.

However, he believed that there was a good opportunity to refuse two arrests, perhaps Patricio Sepulveda and Braulio Valenzuela, who seemed to have not been in Catrillanca, according to the judge, had to take precautionary measures. because of the crime of inconvenience to research.

With regard to their representatives' representations, after the operation of the Special Operations Police (GOPE), they said they were now excluded, and no one had a camera, Schneider said they were exuniformed before. He was in the police unit, he was targeted indirectly One of your mail to find out what happened to you.

"In my opinion The police had been in charge for a long time to declare Collatikli before arriving and, in this sense, the whole procedure was reviewed and pre-approved, "said Schneider.

du It was established within 60 days of the investigationAt least, the courts should make minimum preventive arrests if they do not accept the appeal.

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