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Castillo binds an agreement between Benfica and America

Eagles offered US $ 10 million to the player and accepted the Portuguese. The problem is that the players' representatives demanded an improvement in the conditions of the striker they negotiated, as the president of the Mexican club explained.

Atlantic crossings follow the path of Nicolás Castillo (25). The center of the UNAM poverty center Benfica Portugal is very close to returning to Mexico, when the Lisbon club and a US agreement reached 10 million dollars.

For Lusitano, the figure is optimal, Pumas paid 7.9 million euros, which is $ 9 million. In fact, Fenerbahçe's offer was discarded.

According to A Portugal Bola, the castles will travel to Mexico City on Thursday when the day passport closes. But from the Aztec capital, the president of Eagles, Santiago Baños, explained that La Tercera was an unexpected obstacle. "There is an organization between the clubs, the problem is that the representative of Nico is asking for more money than agreed," said the director. "The player and his representatives have given us tomorrow morning (Thursday)," he added. He again stated that the Chilean team was offering: "We will not change our attitude".

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