Monday , January 24 2022

CES 2019: Apple's enigmatic message was offered to Google and Amazonia, the rivalry between giant "heats"


After a few hours of CES version 2019, an enigmatic message written in white letters should be visible on the center's technology center.

"What's up on your iPhone is on your iPhone" says Apple's advertising on the classic slogan of the city: "What's happening in Las Vegas, it's in Las Vegas."

The company's gigantography also includes the link to, linking company privacy policies.

Apple's movement directly directs Google and Amazon to its competitors, to be under the microscope to adequately protect user data.

Apple will not participate in CES 2019

According to a Bloomberg report, the company mislead the brand as a result of past tourist days, weakened by US and Chinese trade forces.

The company has reduced the estimated budget for almost 20 years. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said a few days ago that the decline of income has been attributed to the "magnitude" of slowing down the economy, but according to experts, China's smartphones are on the ground at low prices, up to 50%. , and offer new features.

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