Saturday , January 23 2021

CES 2019: Get the next 5G revolution and get "full connectivity."

One of the pillars of the major corporate presentations has been the fifth generation of wireless technology. As it is known 5GIt is just another step in mobile phone connectivity, which will help you develop new driver-driven advances.

Innovation and communication companies 5G plays an essential role in the interaction of their everyday objects. In this line, during the CES 2019 Las Vegas, television and devices equipped with these devices have been presented.

In addition, smart vehicles, which do not require drivers, work with artificial intelligence and will connect to 5G. In this way, the user can receive information about the route efficiently and immediately.

For example, with the advent of new technologies that will work in the United States over the next few months, the speed of downloading high definition HDTV data to movies may be 20 times faster.

Business commitment

In Samsung's presentation, the CEO of the company, HS Kim, gave the company a great deal of connectivity. "In 2019 they will take us to the next level and take advantage of our leadership in industry to turn our vision of connected lives into reality.

On the other hand, Intel also announced that it will continue working in 2019 to increase its capacity for 5G networks and to present its 10-year growth in investment infrastructure in the Chip system. "The next age of computer science requires a completely different level: it brings together the whole ecosystem and brings together all the information about computers, connectivity and more … We will not do anything less," said CEO Gregory Bryant.

The Ford automobile company announced on Monday that all new vehicles will provide "talk" and "listening" technology with other 5G-connected vehicles.

China wants 5G leader

In a global race 5G technology will soon reach strong competition, China. The giant Asian has been a pioneer and leading technology in cities like Beijing and Chengdu. Finally, the last "5G-fitted first metro station" was presented. With this new technology, Taipingyuan station users will get better signal distribution and better coverage.

The Chinese government, with the help of the Chinese Mobile, is the largest mobile phone operator in the country, which drives the process of modernization of modern networks.

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