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CES 2019: These robots aim to end human loneliness


Wall-E, Robocop, C-3PO and Bumblebee are some of the most popular robots due to the magic of the movie. Creating and improving human electromagnetic systems that simulate people's behavior is not stopping the love of human beings and CES 2019 encouraged several companies to present their robots.

To embrace a friend

Groove X introduced the Japanese "Lovot" robot. Making small and tender appliances a new human friend and coping with the problem of loneliness.

Robots help with artificial intelligence, recognize the voices and behaviors of their owner. The availability of other functions is null and void and the user is just like to make it look like the user.

Samsung launches its robot line

Korean companies also took advantage of CES 2019 to present the complete line of the robot, whose purpose is to help people in their daily activities.

In this regard, Samsung wants to make people older, which can be an alternative to care for older people.

The "Samsung Bot" works help with medication, music therapy to control stress and control anxiety, review user life signals, and receive electronic payments, among other things.

LG wants to give you a hand in the kitchen

One of the delightful robots that are presented at Las Vegas's technological fair is LG's Cloi. Small and enjoyable Android is the main task to help kitchen users.

Cloi responds to the user's voice by hand choosing to cook from the food in the fridge.


Three thousand dollar dog

Sony has brought one of the innovative products from the 1950s. Aibo, a robot, is a dog and does not have another purpose than the same thing as a normal dog.

Bot's "snorkel" camera allows "see" a camera that recognizes the environment. Aibo is creating his personality through artificial intelligence.

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