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César Campos at the CHV exit: "They wanted me to cut off my career" | society

Last Friday departure César Campos Chilevisión, director Sabingo and successful programs Hands on Fire and Spies of love.

By means of a statement, the channel informed the decision, agreeing to the exit with each other.

However, Campos spoke Page 7, saying that it was not the case: "they said they agreed to each other, but it was like this: For the first time in my career, I started my session".

In this regard, the communicator recalled that the CHV could reduce the salary of 50%, that it did not accept and the situation of the television signal came to light: "I did not want to accept any new status. They offered a 50% reduction in my salaries so far, so far they have been successful. "

"I have been disturbed by" caraderajismo ", some have offered my salary in some newspapers The faces I saw contracted with millions of salaries"he added.

He also said that he did not follow his confirmation that he did not confirm, he replied "How do I do this? I'm six years old In Chilevision ", adding successful programs.

César Campos also arrived Millaray Viera channelWho is the new host? Sabingo, "this is not his fault, it's something with me, it's just pushing my career, I'd like to cut it with me."

But, "conversations with other channels have been activated again, I mean nothing, but with successful programs I have left some projects"he finished.

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