Friday , March 31 2023

Chadwick breaks as a result of Catrillanca's session


The Senate postponed the death of the warder after the special session on Wednesday Camilo Catrillanca In an Ercilla police operation.

The request – originally originally scheduled for Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. – called the Interior Minister, Andrés Chadwick, Head of Social Development, Alfredo Moreno and the new mayor of La Araucanía, Jorge Atton.

The reason: The accident suffered by the Chadwick minister, while checking his cell phone, fell to a stone stairway at La Moneda Palace. A "stumble" asked the minister, but they caused the right fractures and left injuries.

The session was reorganized on December 12 due to the inability of the Minister to attend the Congress.

The deputies want to create a Consultative Committee

Meanwhile, in the Chamber of Deputies, a group of 68 lawmakers applied for the creation of a Special Research Committee in one case.

According to René Saffirio, "there are 8 points that we want to investigate, only with the circumstances considered as being murdered by the Mapuche community, and the functioning of the Jungle Command. Carabineros operation and donation, in the context of the conflict between the Chilean state and the Mapuche people, the damage caused by children and adolescents. The formulation of a series of proposals will be the result of the work that will take place within 120 days, if the House approves the constitution of the Commission and waits tomorrow. "

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