Wednesday , January 26 2022

Chadwick denounces the "polarized" environment, and "I do not give up"


Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick, on Tuesday, was quoted as saying by the opposition parties for the last part of Camilo Catrillanca's death. Although he is a heavy-hearted opponent, he will not refuse himself.

"No, I do not think about resigning, I think the President of my Republic is going to continue working in cooperation," said the minister.

"As my response to my conscience was completely calm and I answered my questions, I have mentioned the democratic rule I mentioned above, supervising the House of Representatives, and it is a democratic norm, always presenting a constitutional accusation, especially with our institutionality, ".

Statements of the Victoriano General

On the other hand, the minister also directed the statements of general Mauro Victtoriano de Carabineros, and Chadwcik reported that Catrillanca was not armed on the 14th of November.

"We do not accept the statements of Carabineros, and we have never said that Camilo Catrillanca or his friends have taken their weapons," he said.

Although it was told that these days were not said, from that day he justified the voices given by the Government and said that he was "the same Victoriano himself sent me," he told me. Appointed at the Public Prosecutor's Office and the opposite with the report with me. "

As he admitted, there was no intention to refrain from any act and "acted responsibly". I asked for the request for the document and I applied for the order and sent me to the top command of Carabineros, and it was sent by General Victoriano. According to what is reported by the Public Prosecutor's Office, it shows that it was a death. "

Polarized environment

With respect to the atmosphere in front of him, the opposition parties demanded his resignation, "I spoke with the Republican President, he decided to finish the country south and boarded it, tomorrow I will be in Santiago, but I do not have any type of cabinet adjustment."

He said "due to his concern, he told me about the strain that had occurred due to the polarization climate," he said.

He also said he will not leave it aside. "If the decision is maintained as the State Minister, it is the President of the Republic," he said.

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