Wednesday , January 26 2022

Chadwick will radio this morning to question La Araucanía in the case of Catrillanca


The Interior Minister, Andrés Chadwick arrives on Thursday in La Araucanía, a visit to the opposition question.After getting acquainted with the retired general Mauro Victtoriano, he resigned.

The former security and security officer prescribed by the court has said the prosecution had warned Chadwick that the first day was not armed by Camilo Catrillanca and that he was not in the day of the crime.

After answering these statements, the Secretary of State replied "very bad communications and interference".

Faced with criticism, Sebastián Piñera, the head of the Cabinet of the Government, dismissed his "conscience with a total peace" He received full support from the President.

The Araucanía-n, Chadwick will have several activities, some of which will join the Union Development Minister, Alfredo Moreno, Head of the Araucanía Plan and will also visit this Thursday.

Chadwick will hold several meetings with peasants and victims of violence.

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The Interior Minister was on Wednesday in the House of Representatives of the Chamber of Deputies, leaving aside the declaration of the retired general, and asked the country to ask the statements of an "accused" who were opposed to others. They have it.

"At the same time, do I have to answer when the accused makes a statement? How can I find out how the Interior Minister may be? In these conditions? »Chadwick asked.

However, in a few minutes, the minister requested a parliamentary request Victtoriano does not oppose the investigation.

On Wednesday, representatives of all the opposition groups decided to stop constitutional accusations against the detainee.

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