Friday , January 22 2021

Challenges to get to the hidden side of the moon

On January 3, Changing China's 4 spacecraft performed for the first time in the darkness of the Earth for the first time. The nuclear guide will have a long list of tasks, such as Low-Frequency radio astronomers, allowing plants to grow in low-gravity environments and collect water or other resources.

Program Future inventionWe talked with the academic center of the Department of Astronomy of Chile and the Center for Excellence in Astrophysics and Technology Centers (Cata). Patricio Rojo, highlighted the landmark landmark on the hidden side of the moon, highlighting the fact that there are numerous niches to be explored on the satellite.

An expert has said that "the dark side of the moon" is a hidden side that we have not seen from the Earth, but it is a sector that receives sunlight.

Unlike the landing of the Chinese zoning, Patricio Rojo has emphasized private initiatives that have recently been created in the space race and have pointed out that the rhythm has accelerated. Government institutions have always advanced at a faster pace and without much risk, so they take more time. Private initiatives, on the other hand, waste years and decades.

See Patricio Rojo's interview at The Invention of the Future:

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