Monday , May 29 2023

Cheap shoes shoes with bad shoes, United States


CALIFORNIA.- Shoe strings & # 39; Payless & # 39; He opened a luxurious luxury store and sold shoes much more expensive at their real cost.

The company invited "fashion agents" at the store's inauguration, & # 39; Palessi & # 39; when he invented the invented brand. Customers pay less than $ 600 for shoes with less than $ 40.

In interviews with "agents", footwear material and design are enhanced. The experiment wished to wear fashionable clothing for anyone who could not afford it. Money returned to customers and left their shoes.

It kills a skate devil

BARCELONA.- A 90-year-old woman dies after she traveled two young electric scooters.

Skateboarding came to the body of the old woman who had been taken to the hospital, but after a few days she was killed. The victims of the victim have called for a compensation, but it is not a crime against road safety, which only applies to "motor vehicles".

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