Monday , January 24 2022

Check the HIV test for the fastest


It lasts 15 minutes and is completely free and confidential. #HazteElExamen

A few months ago, this report told us "Why HIV was filmed in Chile in the gross truth"

The Ministry of Health launched on January 9, 2001 the Summer of GIB for the 2019 Rapid Test campaign. Free during Chile during January and February.

"There are important data on this challenge as a country. Over the last ten years, HIV has increased, but chronic illness can now be prevented, and we are doing so, especially the youth sensitivity, HIV does not die, but it does not know what is happening. There is a lot to do with the danger, so we call everyone to face this challenge. We are focusing on protecting our young people, generosity and high-mindedness, with 24,000 fast tests in two and a half months, and we have verified that 220 lives would save 220 young people. They were entering the system to confirm their situation and to start treatment when they have a disease.The invitation is to continue working together, the authorities and social organizations, even if some do not want to join, due to legitimacy, the doors are still open The Ministry of Health is a wonderful country health , and we ask to cooperate with respect, "he said Emilio Santelices Health Minister.

Here you can search for the test and get acquainted with it in a completely confidential manner in 15 minutes (here in Chile).

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