Monday , October 18 2021

Chile detects that turmeric prevents cancer virus and metastasis – Diario Digital Nuestro País


The authors of the Chilean Image Foundation have presented the results of the results of the laboratory test results this week, which emphasized the fact that the formula has been so far safely.

Felipe Oyarzún and Marcelo Kogan, from the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, and Andrew Quest, from the Faculty of Medicine, have been a team that has worked for the development of nanoemulsion for a number of years, as a mixture of fatty substances and milk from water.

The nanoemulsion has reached 100% of the animals treated in the laboratory with only one dose, they did not have 70% of the cancerous reactions.

Researchers from Turmeric, originating from Asian plants, were given different healing properties due to its low price and characteristics.

"One of the most important advantages of this formula is taking advantage of the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties of this substance, which does not properly achieve turmeric consumption, water instability, poor absorption and instability," he said. Felipe Oyarzún.

The researchers used curcumin to penetrate nanoparticles, to dissolve, correct and promote therapeutic effect, which protected long-term protection in animal patients.

According to Felipe Oyarzun, the curcumin molecule is fragile and very unstable, and it is administered without "vehiculizarla", since it does not affect the desired effect, it can destabilize.

"Nanotechnology is much longer inside," he said.

Another important progress in the work is the safety of this formula and the confirmation of harmfulness when it is greater than the doses necessary for the review of the tumors found in laboratory tests and the need to inhibit metastasis.

In one of these, a tumor extracted from the treatment was 25 times higher in the initial unit, and if it was a toxicity indicator, blood biochemical parameters or blood gas parameters changed and there was no effect, said Oyarzun.

For this reason, he emphasized that the formulation, even in higher doses, is safe, that it opens up high doses in the complex and advanced stages of the disease.

The Executive Director of Constanza Cea, Image from Chile, highlighted the potential contribution to Chile's healthcare.

"Creating a solution to Chile's cancer as a metastasis is a great contribution, and it shows us how we can help our country's people with people around the world," he said.

This formulation becomes powdery and can be remodeled after recycled water; it is easy to transport it to remote locations at a convenient cost, and dehydrated longer with a longer shelf life.

ACCDiS are scientists from the University of Chile and the Catholic University, who are investigating chronic illnesses that are more prevalent in Chile and abroad, such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. EFE

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