Friday , January 15 2021

Chile Stereo Pump: We're both, we're all

Soldiers a few weeks ago come closer to the Kaupolian Theater, and the San Diego residence does not stop dancing? Yes Never record mobile phones. Bomba Estéro was the first and last party of the twelfth song that played on Wednesday night. And that was always the promise. "We would like to invite you one of the oldest dances already," said Sa Saudi vocalist.

An hourly and fifty-five minute show, the Colombians reaffirmed the Chilean mark and their intensity was never a concert. In addition to the album that has already been reinforced by the latest Latin American singer, Bupi Estéreo hypnotized the whole of Caupolic, with its spectators consisting of women.

A slide show was performed in a section built on "Birds", a song that was said to be farewell, with no low points of sound after fourteen tracks.

On returning to a two-session song, Li Saumet did not hide his happiness. "It's about what happened to J Balvin and Maluma," he said, struck by the fact that he was full of Chile's hat and was a good point of reference for the opening of the Arcade Fire event last year.

After "Fire" and "Soul and body", Bomba Estéreo clarified that he must have two things: the team and the audience. All this will be energy sharing.

1. Introduction
2. The power of the Caribbean
3. what kind of pleasure
4. I am
5. Variable
6. Love this
7. Ayo
8. We are both
9. It hurts
10. Something is changing
11. Birds
12 For my love
13. Psychedelia Cumbia
14. Feast

15. Sua
16. Soul and body

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