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The difference between the price of brand and generic drugs reaches three thousand million today, as reported by the consumer protection authorities.

The studies conducted by the National Consumer Service (Sernac) indicate that this abysmal difference is in many drugs and to compare the price and price of the population to the population, an average of 50,000 (about $ 74).

As an example of the study, Atorvastatin is generic, costing less than three thousand pesos (over four dollars), similar to its 57,000 750 dollars ($ 86).

But the highest differential percentage was found in Omeprazole three thousand 162 percent, gastric problems are recommended, and a patient can pay 1,290 pesos to 30 generic tablets and 42,000 up to the original drug, even though they have the same quality.

Sernace's surveys carried out direct sales of salcobrand, Ahumada and Cruz Verde chained pharmaceutical companies, in the metropolitan area of ​​this capital city.

Lucas Del Villar, the national director of Sernace, has detected important differences because of the high demand of citizens because they are medicines, chronic illnesses, high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.

The government of Sebastián Piñera promotes drug competition in the pharmaceutical industry and facilitates access to medicine in order to protect consumers.

In addition, companies are planning to provide a standard for reporting prices and products, allowing customers to have very comfortable budgets, including medicines.

But the solution to the problem is only one solution, according to Sernak, in less than 600 essential medicines, the only 198 sold today, but is expected to cover more than 300 in the long run.

Consumers consulted Chile Drugs in the Latin American country are at higher prices, and people with persistent illnesses say they are cheaper to travel abroad to buy medicines they need.

Santiago, Chile, December 3, 2018
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