Monday , May 29 2023

Chile Vamos TCra reaches every project that limits the freedom of prisoner Punta Peuco


Juan Antonio Coloma (UDI), Mario Debordes and Camila Flores (RN), on Thursday, submitted a request for a Constitutional Court (TC) to accept a Congress requesting a conditional freedoms system.

In the presentation of the Court of Justice proceedings, the initiative violates the Articles 19, 2 and 6 of the Political Constitution of the State, in conditions under arbitrary discrimination and in breach of the freedom of conscience, violating the principle of equality in the law. Law.

"As a consequence of the demands of people committed by crimes committed between 1973 and 1990, the law violates the constitutional guarantee of equality, always complying with a mandatory reparation of Compensation," Coloma criticized.

"When these factors not included in the condemnation of the condemnation are established, if all these cases are punishable by condemnation, It is impossible to ask for parole for these people, the problem that violates all the constitutional guarantees, and the Rome Statute is above what it says in its articles. " UDI parliamentary explained.

Coloma said the initiative "means that some criminals commit themselves to additional laws and violations of the current Constitution."

"And secondly, when this rule is examined, there are other types of violations of equality in the face of the law, such as, for example, a person committed to terrorist offenses between 1989 and 1998 has special benefits for the"said the secretary.

"In other words, when Jaime Guzmán's murder comes when a person returns to Chile, they will have special advantages for obtaining parole or engaging in terrorist crimes, especially if the police or agents killed the Army, they will have special benefits to accessing conditions," Coloma questioned.

Former RN deputy chairman underlined the "projected project to find out about opposition to the constitution, the establishment of requirements for the fulfillment of a population sector" with the approved project.

"For example, in the case of a girl's rape, there is no demand, demand recognition, etc., because a large part of the Chilean prisoners are required. In this way, the opposition seeks to establish a political point, that is, as in the Chilean report. And if TC does not declare an unconstitutional one, it is possible to establish certain conditions, some obstacles, due to the spirit of dependence, "said Desbordes.

For his part, Representative Flores said "We see a serious breach of our political constitution, which is a constant retaliation for a sector that punishes Venezuelan punishment through opposition to the Constitution's freedom, and we believe that it is looking for something that is serious and complicated by the States that force people to repent."

"Pity is in the forum of the people, and those who serve the sentence do not participate in events, so the conviction of being guilty is wrong," said Flores.

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