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Chile will have 348 million dollars until Saturday

It's official: on the first weekend of March, $ 348 million will be made. Powerball is a unique opportunity.

If you have been trying to win Chile's Lotus Well, on Saturday, March 2, it will be raffled. $ 226 million United States lottery Be careful Chileans will participate here and we will be able to win Powerball well, which offers 348 million dollars!

So far, the only legal service to buy tickets to foreign lotteries is still one Users can also see free results and other lotteries.

Earn CLP 226 million well in 4 steps

1. Go to and search for a lottery Powerball
2. Choose the bet type: Standard, Peña (group) and Packages (standard + group).
3. Indicate how many lines you want to play and choose your numbers
4. Now simply click on Play *

* NOTE: The Chilean winners' chances are very good for someone in the United States. A Chilean buys his cards with, if he gains a pot, he hits it.

Is there a winner?

Since 2002, It has earned 4.6 million users, paying more than $ 92 million. Based on the tranquility of the Chilean users, all the lottery transactions are protected and encrypted.

If the helicopter has won this pot, TheLotter will pay the perpetual winner to pay the prize personally and will not pay any additional commission or payment at any time. The Chileans who have won the second prize for LOTTER receive directly and automatically their personal account.

Among the biggest prizes, a US user who won Lotter won $ 30 million and won a $ 1 million prize in Salvador. Lottter Latin winners have already earned ten million dollars, such as Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, among others.

Is playing LOTTER legal? is not a lottery nor a bet site, it is a courier service run by Lotter Direct Limited, which is licensed and licensed by the MGA. The laws of the United States do not prohibit foreigners from winning the lottery. The only requirement is that the tickets do not leave the purchased condition, the condition that TheLotter meets. Thanks to these operative reasons, Lotario has delivered millions to the happy winners.

Starting in 2019 with 226 million dollars

If you lost a Chilean lotus, do not worry! You can still start millions of 2019 Buy Powerball lottery tickets. Participation in the draw is safe on Saturday, March 2, 2019. If you want the best luck you want, Powerball numbers will take you all the winners. Come to Chile!

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