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Chilean expert rejects bitterness and prejudices about Artificial Intelligence | technology


Perhaps it is one of the most popular science areas. The closest approach to the subject has been through science fiction film, where often Artificial Intelligence (AI) The planned control and humanity attempt escapes.

It is one of the greatest prejudices regarding Artificial Intelligence. But what happens in these myths?

John Atkinson He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh, and has spent many years studying the subject.

Atkinson wanted to know more about this area he always wanted, so he demolished and confirmed some of the myths created by collective imagination.

Does Artificial Intelligence Applied by Companies Improve Jobs?

Reality AI will automate less routine tasks so that it reduces "traditional" jobs. However, this is not the usual AI, the accessibility of conventional information technologies has affected many years.

For example, the procedures that a client had to perform in a branch, now on your mobile phone or in your home electronically.

Artificial Intelligence tempted humans in the future?

Reality Although the organization's clear operation is not available. In any case, at the international strategic level, it may eventually occur in some areas.

For example, in the defense industry, the autonomous weapon has already been invented and, of course, if not controlled, not only a community, but also humanity. For this reason, it is forbidden by several international organizations to prohibit the use of AI in defense.

Are the applications that are transported by air or by bus with artificial intelligence involving more risks of accidents than human beings?

Myth. The use of AI is autonomous driving of different types of vehicles, and there are, in general, greater benefits than risks.

For example, in commercial airplanes, the flight mode (GPS guided) flight modes for each year were used. There is little time in the plane and the exit / landing autonomy.

Moreover, when a machine does not "get tired", information about a perceptive human driver does not respect the law to "trainees", it envisages predicted paths.

At some point, Artificial Intelligence can create feelings on the robots?

Reality There are AI models that only allow machine-based emotions to be perceived, as well as their intentions and beliefs about what they perceive as "the world".

On the other hand, introducing emotions and beliefs is essential for human and practical interaction with their adoption. For example, depending on the purpose, emotions and beliefs of a machine, the customer's commercial requirement can be filled in a very different and bold way.

Is there a chip that integrates in the Artificial Intelligence in the future to store the memories you choose in memory (as shown in the Black Mirror chapter)?

Reality We have had significant advances in the memory-related aspects, in order to find out where we live and the electrochemical information that is involved in the brain's neuron circuit.

Extracting this information and bringing it to a "physical" device is not feasible only, but the medium-sized organizations, the types of "service", can even lead to a "avatar" that represents memory "posture" beyond awareness of a person's "death" .

Artificial Intelligence has a world of peculiarities and elements that does not know much about it.

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