Saturday , January 29 2022

Chileans and Argentines will "roam": the Senate will accept a commercial agreement and economic supplement


The Senate approved a trade agreement between Chile and Argentina on Wednesday, forming an agreement signed by the economic complement, also from Mercosur since 1996.

The Senate, in 34 votes, helped the new treaty in order to expand and deepen the legal instruments that govern trade between Chile and Argentina, in accordance with areas such as investments, services and public procurement. , among others.

In addition, this agreement has complementary and complementary technical, sanitary and phytosanitary norms, as well as customs. The new chapters will also be included in Environmental, Employment, Gender, SMEs, Cooperation and Competition Policy.

"It places us in a position of more integration in Argentina, we have a close relationship," explained Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero, after accepting the agreement, the 40 years after the two countries have been approved. a war

"This is a clear expression of the integration, understanding, understanding and vision of the future of both countries," he said.

The agreement is expected to create specific benefits for both countries: commitment to eliminate new purchases (especially for SMEs) in public services and telecommunications roaming.

Likewise, it will be a more modern and balanced legal framework for the development and protection of investments, greater trade loyalty and security, and a collaborative space, such as a new e-commerce environment, among others.

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