Saturday , July 2 2022

Chilevision announced the release of its director of the press and changed its news on TV and shows


Chilevision has gone through a process of change and was announced with the departure of Pablo Badilla's press officer. This year, this December will leave the television station.

Turner Chile reported that, four years after, Chilevisión's deputy director and press officer was the leader in the TV news signal.

Pabl was committed to professionalism, passion and commitment in every challenge. The channel and its collaborators wish you the best in your new business "It is indicated in the CHV text.

He also informed that the communicator did not replace him, so ChV Noticias and CNN Chile, Pablo Vásquez and the Deputy Director of Lorraine de Las Heras, as well as the news of Nicolás Copano, will be notified directly by María Paz Epelman, Director of the editorial director of Turner Chile, Turner Chile news it will direct the news straight.

It came to the end of the statement "Priority will continue with the integration of the groups and will strengthen the digitization, quality editing and competitiveness of the news, taking advantage of opportunities for collaboration with Turner Chile's other two content areas: Leisure and Sports."

This ad is in the middle of the rumors that end up endlessly in the foregroundSo, there are important changes in the CHV.

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