Saturday , May 8 2021

Chimuelo memoriam: kate E! Hollywood Video Violence Refused

The greetings from Chimuelo beloved, undoubtedly, is a phenomenon that has activated the world, as it has been shown in many media, has received a tribute to a major television network and, of course, "you were more than a pet".

Through Latin American social networks E! Entertaining TV He shared a video when mixed images of well-known actors Eddie Vedder's presentation at the Oscars of the 2018, together with the greetings of the little bird.

In that show, singer Pearl Jam sang Top Room Tom Pety, in Memoriam, reminds the stars of the Academy's death last year.

With sentence "More than one pet, you're a brother. Agur Chimuelo", E! Latin America did not have to go to history, and "Zafrada" or "El manjarsss" would be added to the list.

Video It exceeded over 92 thousand reproductionsAnd, of course, he continues and adds, because the town Chimuelo apparently passed on to the immortal, thanks to his kind and daring pleasures made by his brother Renato.
Fly high dear! Then we will pay homage.

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