Friday , February 3 2023

China breaks the Google search engine promotion break into the company | technology


Hundred workers google On Wednesday, the company wanted to abandon the search engine project China Peking meets the censorship requirements demanded by its Internet users.

The project is called Dragonfly. In October, Google CEO acknowledged its existence. Sundar Pichai, which justified it would have been better to offer a powerful search of the engine, than the Chinese ones left no harmful tool.

"The fight against Dragonfly is unrelated to China"He says a letter signed by 90 workers and extends his invitation to join colleagues. "We are opposed to technologies that frustrate the most powerful"he added.

"The Chinese Dragonfly would put a dangerous precedent in the political uncertainty, a precedent that prevents other countries from circumventing similar conventions," he adds.

Several organizations denounce the project, among others Human rights Watch, Unlimited Reporter and Amnesty International, launched an online request to cancel an application.

"It's Google's turning point," said Joe Westby, a researcher on human rights and technology at Amnesty International, on a Tuesday article on the organization's website.

"As the world's leading search engine, I have to fight against the Internet, where information is fully available, instead of the shadow alternative of the Chinese government," he said.

In a conference in San Francisco last month, Sundar Pichai said that Google needed it "Very serious reflection" On the Chinese market, despite the criticism of the company's supposed censorship with China.

"We always take into account a range of values," he says. "And we must respect the law that applies to each country," he added.

"That's why the search may have more than 99% (…) In that case, we provide better quality than what we have available," he added.

Google closed its search engine in China in 2010, Refusal of Beijing's request to censor search results.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the New York Times website have been blocked in China, Microsoft's search engine, Bing, works.

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