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China, on the hidden side of the moon, "walking", thanks to its new probe


China announced that China's Chang & # 39; e-4, which was launched on the 8th of December, was on its way into the orbit of the morning's orbit, and was first preparing for the moon on the hidden secret of the Moon, it has not yet been explored, as the Chinese National Space Administration announced (CNSA, for its acronym in English), reviews the Chinese news agency.

According to CNSA, the Chinese probe enters the 15-km peripheral elliptical orbit and the apollens make 100 kilometers at 8:55 (Beijing time).

Changing the # 4 year-round orbit into December 12, the Earth Ground control center operated the orbit twice. tried and tested the connection between the satellite communication Artificial Queqiao Relay, operating in the Halo orbit, around the Earth's second Langer L2 Earth system.

The space engineer also tested the cinematic image tools and the range detectors. For its part, this body specifies that the control center chooses the best option to place the location of the area on the lunar surface.

  • On December 8, China successfully launched Chang & # 39; e-4, using Long March 3B rocket to explore the Earth's natural shady satellite. This probe is expected to be named in the name of the goddess of the Moon in Chinese mythology, when it traveled on January 4, when Von Kármán is sitting on the crater.
  • In it, they will make measurements and rock collections that will reveal new details about this space in our satellite. In addition, the depth of the crater allows the earth's crust and mantle distance away from the Earth.
  • The next Chinese mission will be to launch the Chang & # 39; e-5 probe to bring Moon Earth samples.
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