Monday , May 29 2023

Chinese Suarez and Magnolia Greetings, Benjamín Vicuña's 40th birthday Social networks


Actor Benjamín Vicuña, who was born on November 29, spent 40 years and was apparently a party for another day, due to work commitments.

On Thursday, the fourth season of the Spanish TV series was launched Visit Visora, the actor would have to fulfill fictional commitments, which will be released on December 3 with Fox.

However, this was not a current partner, Eugenia & # 39; China & # 39; Suárez, and her little daughter Magnolia, to send happy and tender through Instagram.

In the first days of the day, the actress shared a picture with pink balloons but published it without a specific message. He later published a postcard for a 10-month-old girl sitting in the middle of a bed.

"Happy father of day Thank you for me and my brothers"It was a sweet text that helped the image.

China Suarez | Instagram

China Suarez | Instagram

The competitions featured more than 229 thousand followers and overwhelmed thousands of commentaries who wanted to give their full relief to the actors and their relatives worldwide.

It should be noted that in the afternoon, Vicuña himself shared his opinion with his Instagram account, but it was just a baby, with a good message. "At the end of my birthday, the star of my color, looking directly at it. Really, I embrace you"He wrote in the publication.

It's clear that congratulations did not congratulate them, and the postcard got more than 1,400 comments and more than 98,000 "likes".

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