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Christmas: Customs and Posta Services can guarantee a review of the package for up to 5 days. | national


Customs with Correos de Chile to make a more efficient inspection of the growing market e-commerce and international shipments that arrive to the country in order to start a Contingency Plan in the last weeks holiday season.

The previous ones, this type of shipments increased when the 500,000 parks arrived in 2012, the 2017 increase has risen until exponentially 17 million packages and envelopes.

The merchandise were processed at the Postal Center of the Santiago Post Office and at the Postal Technology Center of Quilicura (CTP).

Maximum periods

The Subdirectorate General for the Treasury, Francisco Moreno, "is very important, when we had a contingency plan in August, we found 35 thousand packages to deliver their ability, review and subsequent delivery."

"To establish a common work between Customs and Correos Chilean officials, that is, what I want to emphasize, we have added laggard package and Currently, the period of revision of the package or merchandise is five daysafter which comes the delivery ".

The first fruits of customs and state-owned enterprises were seen in the middle of the year between August and September, with specific measures being announced through the Standardization Plan to eliminate delays in the physical review of goods. Currently, such as was announced at the time, the measurements should be made within 5 days, since it has been selected by merchandise scanners.

Following ongoing optimization of processes, the annual summit of Christmas Customs, along with the work carried out with Correos, has been intensifying the investment since November 19 at night and also serves as a measurement and validation on Sundays, as well as daily monitoring and not delaying the process of service.

As always, in these processes, the responsibility is shared with users. These types of purchases are purchases of electronic products from the e-commerce portals, even when they are imported.

In this way, all companies that send goods postal services to Correos de Chile or Courier must comply with the current regulations, to process a good vision of the competent authorities and to pay taxes and duties, if applicable.

In addition, Chile's Correos envisages 100% scanning of country-based packages, which, based on risk profiles, chooses the marketing of competencies and thus prevents the inclusion of illegal goods.

To be informed

Users must inform after the Customs Review, if applicable, that Correos de Chile could notify if your merchandise had to meet additional requirements and / or taxes and taxes.

Metropolitan Customs Director Wildo Arévalo stressed that "there are many important tips that must be taken into consideration by the citizens that they make an international purchase. Medicines must be VPS ISPs or foods must be Seremi de Salud, and they should be careful about intellectual property, copyright to buy items that violate the rights ".

"We need to point out that the subcontractor has long ceased to be a task that we have been very behind, and now we have completed five days and more staff have been organized, 50% in continuous training. Eight more people, which means that the audit is very effective. That is, 80% of 100% of the review does not have to be paid, "explained Arévalo.

Goods that demand good insight into other countries, such as food, pharmaceuticals or cosmetic products (Public Health Institute, ISP), plant origin or fertilizers (Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero, SAG), fishing products (Fisheries Deputation Ministry), among others, Radiocommunication equipment (Sub-secretariat of Telecommunications), chemical substances spiders, ammunition, flammable or asphyxiating agents (National Mobility Directorate, DGMN).

To make a detailed payment of taxes and obligations, the buyer must check invoices or invoices and receipts, Correos de Chile, through the documentation that is received and presented through Customs.

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