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Christmas for many other people

The Christmas is full of hope: it makes me happy to have fun, to make it easier for the family, to associate with others, to celebrate, to make presents … However, these rituals can live well with people and emotions. negative According to the World Health Organization, 44% of people suffer from anxiety, depression or sadness at this time.

"For people with these symptoms, it is a challenge to tackle these days and to adapt the key to viable goals and different scenarios. Thus, in order to deal with situations that cause most stress, it is important to understand, to know their limits and to respect their norms."Said Marta López, E-Health Medicine in charge of Cigna Spain.

Some imbalances that get worse or get bored at Christmas:

Christmas blues or white depression. More than a disorder is a series of external stimuli that is a congenital negative state and its symptoms are characterized by tremendous sadness, nostalgia, famine, sleep disorders, anxiety and stress. Older people or those who kill someone who are approaching is still a mental imbalance.

Some fights tips: These people allow you to participate in scheduled events, participate in the activities that you are currently doing (gathering or wrapping gifts), invite them to make a great make and happy music related memories. , remember how important the family is …

Compulsive purchase Even if it is not a problem that is caused by Christmas, it is a time of a worse oniomania. Those who suffer from it fail to make this act as something necessary to cover leisure or recreational activity and have no compulsory and apparent reason.

People with discomfort are young people in the stage of formation and development, and social acceptance and the group is particularly important.

Eating posture disorders. People with anorexia are particularly afraid of the time of year, because celebrations gather around a table with high calorie foods. It is not easy for those suffering from bulimia or binge eating syndrome, because of the high amounts of food due to strong exposures, binge eating habits are weaker.

Social Phobia Permanent fear or disproportionate anxiety in relation to one or more social situations, Christmas and the new year become a particularly critical period. Social phobia is an anxiety disorder; People are afraid of finding humiliating situations in the public, or in places where they observe or judge.

You are noisy. People with light or phophophobia feel the loud and dull noise of loud noise, such as rockets, rockets, balloons, a bottle of champagne, and so on. They will appear unexpectedly and unexpectedly. The main evidence of this imbalance is the panic attack or anxiety crisis.

How can they help people to help? Experts recommend it to motivate objects that generate loud sounds, while listening to them mimic sounds that annoy them while they're listening, or identifying noise types, while they last, annoying, etc.

The fear of being touched. The name of Afenfosfobia refers to this disorder that refers to the fear of touch to a permanent, abnormal and unjustified. It is an excessive rigor of the ordinary tendency to protect space itself, fearing pollution or invasion. Since they are not unknown, someone can also be contacted by someone who is afraid.

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