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Chrome will load some web pages much faster with the new "bfcache" (but not all good news)

Websites and websites continue to increase weight and text, scripts, images, or videos make slower sizes of page sizes and combinations. Google Chrome wants to accelerate the process.

To do this, their engineers are working New feature called bfcache (& # 39;back-forward cache& # 39;), a memory cache that saves the status of a web page, so if it is returned, we will load that copy for the first time and update it with the new page information.

A cache that puts particular problems

It is true that this cache will not do anything for the new sites and websites we visit, but in one of those sites that we've already visited, Reduction in load time will be noticeable.

Google says this feature can give a lot of sense and, for example, "it would improve performance in Chrome's browsing version up to 19%". In these cases navigation would be "very fast". Show engineers that work in this opportunity.

This idea is not new and, in fact, it is used in one way or another to use Firefox or Safari, but there are scenarios, especially developers, which are loading and updating the page capsule. It's ideal.

This technique may also cause other problems: save the cachet webpage status Chrome uses more memoryThe conflict of browsers and other browsers is already something.

Not only this: Google should raise that chance without endangering security and privacy Users, for example, Chrome stop JavaScript programs, although they keep these memories, explained by an engineer, Addy Osmani, of the technician.

All and with it, the option seems striking and wasting time may be in vain without many conflicts. Google wants to integrate bcache into Chrome during 2019 and Browser offered in 2020 publicly.

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