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Chubut: confirmed more cases of hantavirus and canceled four popular festivities – 07/01/2019

The Chubut government has confirmed Four new cases of Hantavirus It determines the delay of the feast days celebrated in the mountains and this month. The novelty is the three cases of Epuyén, the virus that causes the virus and killed six people. According to the Provincial Health Minister, Adrián Pizzi, there was a case in El Maitén, another one in Trevelin and Palena, a village in the Chilean region. Of course, in this case, there were some Epuyen days.

So far, 23 cases have been confirmed, of which six were. Both patients are in intensive care at Esquel hospital, they are in a common room of seven health centers and there are two other prisoners in Bariloche: childbirth and a child in the common room.

Hantavirus gives It causes severe acute viral disease Hanta virus, which attacks human lungs. Wild apples – are known as bat-filled creams – they kill the virus through saliva, urine or feces. In the dry, it combines with dust and is transported through the air. Contaminated air is poured into open or closed places where the rodents are covered by viruses.

It can also spread bites or direct contact with viruses that transmit viruses or transmits fats and urine. In fact, in the first days of the febrile situation it may be in contact with people. According to the pediatrician Teresa Strella, one of the officials of the Ministry of Health has so far had little to do with this type of infection. "80% have been in contact with the contaminated dust virus," he said at a press conference.

In the meantime, the Minister of Tourism announced that celebrations of Fruit Eder (El Hoyo), Artisan (Epuyén), Steam Train (El Maitén) and Del Bosque (Puelo Lago) are celebrated. The second half of February will be repeated again. He also said that "people who want to go to this area want to bring tranquility, enjoyment and travel without risk." That means cancellation of reservations This occurrence occurred in recent days.

Dr. Strella clarified the isolation cases of people in these cases from the circle "special measures of selective isolation were further deepened". We are able to identify and personalize closed contacts in positive cases, "and later" remain a breathing isolation at home. "

They are protected by ventilation, with chinstraps, internal distance at home and their social activity limit. Those in the field have close relationships with healthy people who have been in touch with positive cases.

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