Tuesday , May 18 2021

Coco Legrand faces a healthy moment: society has a significant loss of hearing

Coco Legrand Because there is not a lot of difficulty due to the health problems that affect it "Foolish Head" and "The great rise of the left ear".

With conversation Latest news, the comedy gave details of his situation. "I was listening to myself, it's incredible, my sound, even when I ate my teeth together."

In that sense, he spent a few days in the middle ear, he had a fluid accumulation, it would be very complex and "loss of hearing is important. That means talking and listening to talk. I hope that there is no custom in keeping the headpiece functioning.

Therefore, the comics believed that this situation arose from a change in temperature "Old shit", His work theater that joins Jaime Vadell and Tomás Vidiella.

"We (along with Tomás Vidiella and Jaime Vadelli) suffered great changes in temperature. Generally when the air conditioner is over freezing when it travels by plane. Then, when climate change reaches the place, it's hot or cold for a few hours, "he said.

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