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Codelco reviews the corporate governance changes. | national

This Thursday, Codelco reported There are changes to your address. Renato Fernandez is a journalist Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability on February 18, 2019.

Professor Gabriela Mistral University has been working since 2011 As Manager of Cencosud Corporate Affairs, The position assumed by the new corporate responsibility.

Previously, Endesa Chile, Smartcom PCS Communications Director and Hill & Knowlton Captiva were the communication strategy agency.

Replaces the executive to replace it Patricio Chávez Inostroza, head of Codelco Corporate Affairs and Sustainability President since 2015.

Through a statement, the Corporation thanked Patricio Chavez for his contribution over the last 3 years.

"The corporation is pleased to thank Patricio Chavez for the contributions of environmental and sustainability in the heart of this company's business and future challenges," he said.

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