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Collahuasi presents US $ 3.2 million initiative and ratifies boom in mining projects

The new investment in the mining sector in Coba was made yesterday. As part of the Minera Collahuasi, Glencore, Anglo American and JCR and Tarapacá region, it announced that the environmental process of the operational continuity project began with the development of "Producer's capacity for infrastructure and improvement". It will require a $ 3,200 investment of $ 5 million.

With this initiative, the mining investments invested in environmental treatment have amounted to 8,500 million dollars per year, with a total of 92 projects. This, discounted initiatives that were not excluded or processed.

This also confirms that there is a new boom in mining projects, approved by this year's committees with another environmental permit: the development of Quebrada Blanca Phase 2, the Japanese Teck and Sumitomo of Canada, and the cost of $ 5 billion, and Los Pelambres In addition to the expansion of Los Pelambres, which will connect with the Luksic group of mining, it will cost $ 1.2 billion.

On the other hand, among others, Rajo Inca (Codelco requires $ 1,000 million investment), Salares Norte (Goldfield, $ 1,000 million) and Minare Salar Blanco ($ 527 million) Proyecto Blanco began environmental processing.

With regard to its projects, Doña Inés de Collahuasi mining company aims to guarantee the continuity of copper operations, planned for 20 years, 170 ktpd per day processing capacity of 170 thousand tons minerals (ktpd) 210 ktpd, expanding and integrating environmental permits and complementary water supply taking into account the continent's water use.

For this reason, the construction and operation of marine uranium must be taken into account, along with the disassembly and transport system with water.

With regard to the workers, the project is being recruited to a maximum of 4,500 people and, on average, 960 a year, with a workforce of more than 7,990 employees.

The good news was that the Government was enthusiastic about the revenue of this project. Minister of the Economy Minister, Baldo Prokurica.

"In the last months of the year, we have received a good news from the sector. On the one hand, Antofagasta Mineral decided to accept construction of the Minería Los Pelambres Mining Infrastructure Project (INCO) and, secondly, Teck decided to start the second phase of the Quebrada Blanca mining project. Thanks to the fact that nowadays, we add the environmental processing of the project that extends Collahuasi's operation, and is reflecting on the recovery of mining investment.

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