Wednesday , September 28 2022

Collar tribute to the fault: Sports Concepcion can act before the last 20 thousand people of the Third B final


Sports Concepcion He has shown his reputation in the Penquista city. Although it's all the same three cast of the regional capital of the amateur, that is, until now collected More fans are playing at home Ester Roa Rebolledo estadioan.

So at least what They left the railways with 18 thousand people who had been ahead of it Third B and Third A stamp of promotions On Saturday, December 15, 20 thousand fans will meet against the match against the Liguilla against Pilmahue de Villaricá. Yes, he read it well, the fifth level of national football will be the only potential against the opposing of the top teams.

This is because Lila's leadership was requested by the Government and Carabineros The presence of 15 thousand fans can be extended to 20 thousand if they meet certain conditions: "hTo open more capacity, open the stadium at the bottom and have other complexes. It is possible to access security, guardians and people. We have tried to combine the security capability to provide a good show, "said Cristian Garrido, Social Club Director and Concepción Deportes, South newspaper

On the other hand, The final path between Pilmahue and Concepción It's ready for Sunday 9 at 5:00 in the city of Villarrica. The local club has lent thousands of lakes to 3,000 people.

Collao was regenerating and more daring than ever …

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