Wednesday , November 20 2019
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Collect 700 tons of pots

For the first time in León, it had the opportunity to eliminate 700 tons. Dengue mosquito-turtle breeding potential sites were carried out.

With the aim of eliminating all the oils accumulated in the home, in accordance with the Integrated System of the Popular Republic of this year, the Secretary of Health, the State of Guanajuato, the Social and Human Development Directorate, the Municipal Health Department, the Municipal Housing Institute and the Directorate General for Social Communication worked extensively, Attend and promote Dengue pasture colonization.

This year, citizens were responsible for reproducing mosquitoes that carry Dengue. In this way, the attention program was extended from Monday to Saturday, from the house to removing buckets, buckets, bottles and all the waste. The weather was gathered by the authorities.

The colonies León I, Margaritas, San Felipe de Jesus, Los Angeles, Las Américas, Ten de Mayo, Santa María de Cementos, Los Olivos, Lomas Vista Hermosa, Nueva Candelaria, Chapalita, San Sebastián and Medina 190 dira. These months have participated.

With rainy weather, a lot of homes began to drain water, bottles, tires or cube disappears, because mosquitoes produce more proliferation in the areas.

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