Tuesday , January 18 2022

Colo Colo came out of the Edson Puch competition


Guayaquil from Barcelona has played for Iquique football against Libertadores. The next few days would be news.

Colo Colo Finished signing the signature Edson Puch. Even though, first of all, the purchase of the percentage of the pass was discarded and the subsequent purchase was considered Pachuca, an improved target and an almost mordant deal.

However, in the last hours there was a new interest for Iquiqueños. According to the Ecuagol portal, Guayaquil in Barcelona has the goal of facing the Copa Libertadores de América.

"Canary" casts Puch has his views on the Quito sports competition for many years.

In the next few days, it could be news about the national team.

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