Saturday , January 16 2021

Colo Colo Dollar dollar investments to secure the cost

Black and White is unlocking the negotiation and everything indicates acceptance of Sporting Cristal's offer.

On Tuesday, Colo Colo announced that Gabriel Costa was the strengthening of social networks. Later, he canceled the official Twitter account at albos because the tweet agreement was reached, but the final details were missing from Sporting Cristal.

Finally, put his hand in black and white in his pocket and pay the amount of the cook US $ 1.2 million plus Christofer "Canchita" Gonzales Passage to 80% of Costa's letter.

"It is difficult to compete with other realities, such as Chile's football, and we do not want players who are frustrated in the club, it is difficult to do a compact operation like this, and for the club, we want to be able to make and plan transfers, We are basically doing what we are doing. " Carlos Benavides, Sporting Cristal President.

The agreement would be over the next hours.

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