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Colo Colo finished the match and Unión Espanola won the game for South American


Colo Colo and Unión Española The last time they have suffered a lot, due to the irregularity that they have played in the championship. However, today they have given a hierarchy and a delivery lesson, and they have consolidated the Copa Sudamericana zone when there is no date for the end of the tournament.

Albos returned to Huachipura

Colo Colo Talcahuano sank. At one point, the Copa Sudamericana was outside the standings, the only consolation left in the gray season. But Héctor Tapia, without Jorge Valdivia and Esteban Paredes, showed that the loss was lost and the winner was looking for. He finally got it Lateral players were placed 2-1 at Usina in the CAP stadium.

The meeting was home electric. Both teams intended to send the ball and take the competition's neck. 4th & # 39; Panamanian Gabriel Torres, by Agustín Orion and Gabriel Suárez, made his 11th goal clearance by Claudio Baez in the 11th minute. Albos scored in the first minutes, although the souls of Javier Parraguezo kept up their minds. Eventually, his rifle sight was diverted.

Approximately Cacique lost his spark and was abolished in the second half. There were no instruments to invade Yerko Urra, and they were all subject to individual arrests, and, in general, white men were packed with blue and black t-shirts.

Together with the head of César Valenzuela, the steelmakers settled in the middle of the triangle in the first area, and they did not recover and kept the center of the goalkeeper and goalkeeper. A good Orión, before a World Cup at Torres auction, seemed like no danger and opened page 36. The goal went to the whirlwind and lost only a lot of difference in the stick. The victory that is called Unión Española and Antofagasta will be released next year by Macul.

He was in front of Colo Colo decorations. But the impetus was not enough to create risk situations. Óscar Opazo appeared in the 60's. The "Torta" came from the right hand and started to tie the force.

Nicolás Larcomón's set was the shadow of the first part. Albos, in any way, continued to hammering. Tapia's penalty, when he saw the match, Esteban Pávez played against Ivan Morales, who would be the key to the match. Lucas Barrios began to race, the young man won the race and relieved 78 against Yerko Urraí and sealed his return.

With this victory, the uppercase rose to fifth place. The University of Raising of Monuments will have a qualification ahead of an international championship and complete a pale year. Huachipato, on the other hand, would stay in South America.

The union reached Calvo and Bascuñán in Antofagasta

The Spanish Union, as Fernando Diaz opened on the bench, went north to the prosperous Antofagasta. The goal was to continue the race in a South American round one. And he got it. Santa Laura won the championship when he finished, giving him an international championship venue.

The homeowners pressured and the Union retreated. Tobías Figueroa opened a visit account with a few headers. Salvador Cordero responded with another test that frightened "Mono" Sanchez.

He was moved to Pumas 36 & # 39; Rodrigo Contreras of Argentina took advantage of a defect with the Spanish defense to open compassion for the account. However, joy would soon disappear in the north. Misael Dávila has tie 41 & # 39;

When the dressing came back, the meeting was blocked and there were mistakes. Antofagasta earned more merit. Bruno Romo and Óscar Romo won the victory. On the other hand, in the second capital, one of the capitalists, Figueroa gave three points to Santa Laura.

The Hispanics are the seventh, forty points, more than Huachipato. They will take part in the house of La Calera Batasuna next week at home. Antofagasta made 50 units and would be staying at the next Copa Libertadores.

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