Monday , May 16 2022

"Colo Colo will win, because he defends his coat very high"


Cacique's champion assures that the country will not leave the machine before the Conca U.

On Sunday, The U. Colo Colo concert will receive at the Monumental Hall. The Francisco Bozán team has to win and we hope to force the definition of the title of Sports Temuco before UC Fall, and much more specifies the role of Cacique. That is to say, because it is also part of the Freedom supporters or Libertadores team.

Cristián Muñoz, aware of the shirt of Alba and the concierge of Campanilla today, is not that. "Colo Colo is so great that all the parties involved in the conflict are doing it with the greatest professionalism"A double champion with a person punished.

Also, Tiger stated that "Colo Colo is defending a great coat of arms and everything to win".

"We only have to think about Colo Colo. If we do not do the work we do, it is impossible to think of another aspect (defining the title). We can not put our ears on another aspect. If you win, we have more options. If we did not win, it will not help thinking of another game area, "he added.

finally, Muñoz said that "We're going to face the best Colo Colo, we'll have to play everything and we must have better than we do. (The team) could face these situations, always with a mental tendency to win three points. "

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