Friday , July 1 2022

Comedian is brought before Spanish justice after the nose is ringed with the flag | Society


A Spanish comedian came to a judge this Monday after being denounced by "Offenses or anger to symbols of Spain" for ringing with the flag of the country during a television gag.

"As a citizen of this country I am a little worried because we are taking a clown in front of a judge for doing his job and this worries me a lot about the image he gives from my country and my flag," the humorist told the press Dani Mateo on leaving the audience.

A judge from a Madrid court admitted the complaint filed against him by a police union.

In the controversial scene, broadcast in a humorous program of great audience in the channel The Sixth at the end of October, Dani Mateo sneezed and his nose was ringing with the Spanish flag.

Right afterwards, he grinned with an irony of excuses, assuring that he did not want to "offend the Spaniards either to the king, not even to the Chinese who sold these rags."

"The flag symbolizes the union of a people. Answer it. Not doing it is not humor, it is to offend to those who feel it with pride and those who have given their life and effort to the values ​​of peace and freedom it represents, "the Civil Guard reported in his Twitter account.

Numerous netizens, humorists and Spanish artists have been persecuted in recent years for their statements, their jokes or the lyrics of their songs, generating a lively debate in the country on freedom of expression.

Dani Mateus himself has already come to testify before a judge for an alleged crime of offense to the religious sentiments finally filed for joking about the ugliness of the monster cross crowned by the mausoleum of dictator Francisco Franco near Madrid.

Another sound case was that of rapper Valtonyc, flew to Belgium in late May after being sentenced to three and a half years in prison for doing "terrorism apology" in his songs. Spain claims its extradition.

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