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Compulsory insurance: in terms of price, there are more promotions

The arrival of March is incessant. And this is the agenda of traffic authorization, especially in relation to the payment of that patent, with other procedures. It's one of them Take out compulsory personal accident insurance, coverage is the same in all companies, because, as a rule, everyone has to pay for the same expenses. The price is the only option.

"The key to saving SOAP is to hire a link that will help you reduce the cost of the final cost," says Alison Scheuch, Business News.

In special case, in collaboration with Rappi, users will save a lot of money invested in the insurance. "If the compulsory insurance is $ 5,990,000, with a discount of four thousand pesos, Only 1,990 pesos will be paid, because part of the investment will be recovered, "says Scheuche.

"It is important to know the promotions related to compulsory insurance. Our platform is a good idea to review the offers quickly and easily for companies offering this service and, therefore, to choose the best option," explains the executive.

It should be noted that in the course of 2018, 3.5 million SOAP policies were sent through the Internet during the first semester, and the demand for the service increased year-on-year, with a fleet of vehicles rising 20 percent from January to 2018 2018.

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