Sunday , August 9 2020
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Confect controls the 6-hectare conserved Manquehue mountain

This morning, he settled in the two fires of Conaf Manquehue 3, in the Vitacura municipality, in the Metropolitan Region, in Agua del Palo, which consumed 6 hectares.

In the fire, Mr. Hugo Castillo, in charge of forest fires' control, that is, he did not advance in his perimeter, he worked in three brigades, three planes and three helicopters (ferry and freight), in addition to the firefighters, six units.

Brigade's work was complex, with a steep topography of the earth and 90º slopes.

The images that have been previewed by the flames of the house watched in the social networks.

Also, in the Metropolitan Region of Quilicura, morning hours were registered with the 5-forest fires of the Cerro Renca, which caused the planting of 3,000 hectares (prefix) grasses and eucalyptus trees. Conaf brigades and firefighters disappeared. It is worth noting that this event would be mandatory because of the first reports after the participation of a person under the influence of alcohol.

Likewise, in the morning, the Los Peumos Fundos forest fire occurred in the neighborhood of Valparaíso, affecting an area of ​​0.8 hectares. This incident caused the threat of the Lake National Reserve of Peñuelas (200 m), triggering a common red alarm, fire control over hours.

In countries under high temperature conditions, the CONAF will be able to prevent the population, especially when visiting natural areas.

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