Saturday , January 29 2022

Continuation of Charles Aránguiz and Claudio Bravo in La Roja: "The matter is boring"


Charles Aránguiz He was the Chilean winner of the Bundesliga victory in Europe in the winter, but took part in the Old Continent that joined the Bayer Leverkus team and discussed the presence of Red's presence.

The Flyer query was made about possible returns Claudio Bravo, Marcelo Díaz and Eduardo Vargas, to emphasize that doors are open to everyone.

"The coach (Reinaldo Rueda) decides if players play well and I think that each player should say it or not, because he does not worry. Everyone here opened their doors"said Cooperativa radio station.

Bravo said in that specific case "With Claudio's theme, he made a lot of talk and bored the subject", and no longer wants to express an opinion on the situation.

"Vidal said that at that time, if there were a friction, it would be discussed," said Vidal.

"I thoroughly recover Claudio and I want to play it again. They can also be Claudio, Marcelo and Eduardo. But this is the problem of the technician, "he closed.

Charles Aránguiz, during his time in Chile, also spent a break in the complex of Juan Pinto Durán.

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