Monday , August 8 2022

Copihue de Oro 2018: the award ceremony continues


The glamor of the day is full on Friday during the ceremony Gold Copihue 2018, this is done Great Monticello Arena.

The best option for our national show has been through the red carpet, where Channel 13 faces, for example Tonka Tomicic, Francisco Saavedra, Polo Ramírez and a part of a steady stream of the TV series "Blood Agreement" and "Queen Franklin".

From 19:00 onwards, Canal 13 published a special red carpet, They were led by Sergio Lagos and Diana Bolon and were marked by the eyes of Tonka Tomicic, Eugenia Lemos and Agusto Schuster.


Follow this reminder of the transfer of the Copihue de Oro event to Villa Cariño, Andrés de León and Melon and Melame's performances. The award will be made Monserrat Álvarez, Julián Elfenbein, José Miguel Viñuela, María Luisa Godoy, Daniel Fuenzalida and Alejandra Valle.

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