Wednesday , November 20 2019
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Coquimbo Unido adds 13 improvements

Pirates are groups that are increasing for the next season.

Coquimbo Kingdom's first return after 11 years. Directed by the director Patricio Graff He made a great campaign and he stayed 2018 Lotus Tournament.

Aurinegros are taking a very serious leap in the 2019 season and already have 13 reinforcements. They announced eight of them last week and on this Friday they added another five.

It is the most attention paid Cristián Canío, who did not follow the fall Sports in Temuco. They were also from Albiverdes Jaime Soto.

Among others, Paraguay is a striker Julio Doldán Zacarías, Argentine Defender Facundo Cardozo and national Diego Oyarzún.

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