Friday , October 7 2022

Cristián Castro is a dry milk … in the bottle


Nobody knows how Kristián Castro, Mexican singer, so many times, and not so much music, is news. The actress Veronica Castro was influenced by Gabriela Bo, his wife, in a conversation in Argentina. Gaby said the 45-year-old "Blue" voice was drinking milk in bottles, when they got married, he asked his staff.

"(He prepared) a lady at home. Her nephews seemed to have a lot of things for the boys, and he had a small glass from the bottle with a chopper," he threw into the water.

Cristián gave a series of events in his country's software "El gordo y la flaca" in Univision when he talked about his fetishes.

The interpreter of "Lloran las rozas" stated that Bo had said the truth and did not prove to the people what he thinks. "I really like it, when I was a child I felt and I really liked kids, just like every boy, we wanted to close a lot and do not say," what a bit, a little bit ", he began to reflect .

He added for that. "I do not care, I do such things … I never get milk from the bottle, sometimes I can have a bottle and say" how delicious ".

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