Wednesday , January 26 2022

Cristiano discontinues the expression of his girlfriend and presents his style with his son


Cristiano Ronaldo has an open front outside of his professional side, and it is only one The case of Kathryn Mayorga and the alleged rape in Las Vegas denounces the Juventus player. Jasmine Lennard started a tough footballing criticism and Cristiano did not react to social networks, yesterday this rumor has been added.

The Portuguese footballer started the image with his Instagram account, Cristiano Jr. He appeared with his son. The oldest son of the Real Madrid player, his father's steps continue in the group of children of the Turin team But it seems that it is also ready for fashion matters.

"Style", Ronaldo commented on his Instagram account, a black suit and a picture of a turtle. On one side and with himHe has been carrying his son for eight years, who has been serious and apparently faces.

Cristiano Ronaldo therefore prefers to leave Lennard's wordsThe renowned British Big Brother and the "psychoat," "liar," or "stalker" were accused of it. Lennard, who was in Manchester with Cristiano, proved the "true character" of the player.

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