Wednesday , September 28 2022

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Fortnite 7 season has already landed on the island. This new play offers us a new map and the mechanics of the game mechanics. However, this huge update is one of the great strengths to pass the battle.

If you've been in the twenties, a short note. You can buy a battalion passage in the title store, play more, more urgent unlock.

usually These bodies and objects can only be obtained through this form. There are a lot of users who unleash the levels and unlock the game, from the beginning it decides to pay more than 100 euros.

On this occasion, The battlefield stands out for weapons and skins of vehicles. Each player can add different styles to make them more visual and more personalized.

It's time to go down and start work. Stunning faces, emoticons, graffiti, paragliders … You expect all this and much more to complete hundreds of levels. Remember that the challenge is crucial and you will be quicker to move on with Movistar eSports a week.

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