Thursday , June 24 2021

Cryptozur crash has not yet touched the bottom: Bitcoin price was less than 4 thousand dollars

The virtual world, which had a great success at the end of last year, is currently the worst. And worse, his collapse still has no bottom behind. That is, after the permanent week of deviation, the price of the bitchain fell by 4 thousand dollars on Monday.

The electronic currency was 20 thousand dollars in the middle of last December, however, its appreciation is continuously being traded for more than $ 3,700.

At the beginning of November, bitcoids have reduced their value by more than one third. On November 3, its price was $ 6,350. That's it. today's level is at low levels since last September, and shortly after, electronic money bombs exploded.

It is also contagious with other cryptoconizations: Ethereum Ether had a drop of 6% in the morning on Monday and was $ 112, and the Ripple fell to 7.6% at $ 0.37.

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