Monday , May 29 2023

Cuba has not registered since 1977 the occurrence of the serotype dengue dengue


Havana (EFE) .- Cuban health authorities have reported dengea the occurrence of a serotype The island was not registered in 1977, and called "extreme" preventive measures, the local media reported on Friday.

"A new wave Dengea epidemic with alarm signals and clinical conclusions, and fortunately, they should not solve the death penalty, "said Salvador Tamayo, Health Director of the province Cienfuegos (from center to south), in the territory detected in this virus.

Cienfuegos type I dengue circulation, among the Cuban territories with the highest infection rate of the transmitted mosquitoes Aedes Aegypti, authorities quickly cause more than fifteen days to cut the transmission chain "no".

In the province they will isolate the patients and eliminate the vector vector, as well as the intensive campaigns to remove local newspapers on 5 de Septiembre.

"It is essential to understand the severity of the population, to get symptoms (…) to health services, to receive the right diagnosis," said the official.

In 2017 Dengue in Cuba 68% down on the previous year, the autochthonous Zika transmissions were detected in 14 municipalities and there were no chil- dren patients, according to the Ministry of Health.

The latest official reports do not determine the countries with the greatest impact on arbovirus, even though there are special cases of dengue published by the independent media in Cuba over recent months (several deaths), in central and eastern provinces of the island. .

Some of the protective and preventive measures taken by the islands for several years include, among others, mosquito reproduction sites, fumigation and search, border control of the island and the insertion of Cuban foreign labor missions. EFE

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