Friday , February 3 2023

Cut: Mourinhok did not confirm that Alexis did not get injured and had no technical decisions


On paper, small Swedish youths had an inexpensive bet for Manchester United. Her native, with the whole Old Trafford star and many other things, except Alexis Sanchez, should undoubtedly win the revenge of Jose Mourinho, without a doubt, against the advantage of a team.

However, the opposite has happened. Without Alexis, and not to mention, Red Devils had to work hard to break a Swiss Swiss bomber, when the hunger of Belgium's Marouane Fellaini arrived. If the panorama had been complicated, because they did not connect, in the coming days to arrive in Valencia and to fall before the cast che, Moves were removed.

After meeting, Mourinho answered the questions of the press about some strain on his face. One of them was a Chilean striker. In summary, Portuguese "decided technical decisions" and not as a result of injury.

Whoever took his praise, the Spanish goalkeeper, David de Gea, faced up during the game: "The goalkeeper of the world is the best, if our ambition is the best, we must be with him." he said.

However, in the Second Division of the Champions, he confesses that he must wear a cold cloth and raise his level: "Being in the second round is an achievement, not a great achievement or a fantastic one, but an achievement that is better than our team, with other high quality and realistic teams, when it comes to one quarter of a team, everything happens." She is closed.

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